The Lookbook of Ramona Erb
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the collection Summer/ Winter 2020  is about the documentary „last man in Aleppo“, which was nominated for the oscars. It’s about the work of the white helmets in Aleppo during the Syrian war. the only ones who helped and rescued the civilists and children after a bomb attack. although they saw every day this fucking misery, they tried to live positive. for example with playing football, buying goldfishes and building them  up a fountain or going out with the kids to a colourful playground during the truce. The Prints are inspired from the goldfish scene, rain of bombs in the night scene, helicopter over Aleppo scene and the white helmets working as a team all day long. at the end, the protagonist from the white helmets lost his life and left a wife and two little daughters. the work and This positivity of the white helmets was really inspiring for me.
WITH EVERY SOLD garment, ramonaerb DONATEs 10€ FOR THE international committee of the red cross (icrc) for the  project „reunite syrian families“ www.icrc.org


My AW18 collection “Orang-Nutan” is about the extinction of Orang-Utans. We all know about this huge misery.
Half of their habitat is destroyed because of the palm oil industry.
They are hunted and isolated. If we don`t do anything, in 20 years the Orang-Utans will not exist anymore in the wild. Every
2nd supermarket product has palm oil ingredients. WHAT CAN I DO? Try to reduce meat, sweets, beauty products and biofuels.
For every sold piece, I donate 10 Euro for my partner organisation https://www.orang-utans-in-not.org/de/



My collection SS17 was a collaboration with the amazing artist Dr. Agata Norek with her project
http://www.shields-against-violence.com/. She was presented in the German Vogue January issue 2016.
It`s all about to show harm with art. She created insane beautiful shields to process different violence themes.
In addition, I did my own art-project with minor refugees, who escaped
From Syria, Pakistan, Iran etc without parents. They should show their feelings with wood installations and
colours. From this art-project, I defined the “Shapes of Suffering”.